Find Us on Pinterest!

We are finally on Pinterest! We will be creating boards from our own inventory, as well as idea boards of how you can use our equipment to get that “Nailed It” pin. We have some exciting things to come, so hold onto your hats!

I was late to the game when it came to Pinterest. My own mom had a Pinterest before I did! I just didn’t understand how anyone could get addicted looking at a bunch of pictures. But I quickly learned all too well how lost you can get in the world of Pinterest.

I caved when I needed good ideas for bulletin boards for my new job as a Resident Advisor. I quickly found myself engrossed in teacher and classroom ideas on how to present information. I wasn’t even going to school to be an educator, but I found myself getting lost in door decorations and name tag ideas.

Once I had exhausted the teacher ideas, I thought about all my friends who had “planned” their future wedding on a Pinterest board. The obvious next step in my new addiction was to start getting ideas for my future wedding (even though I didn’t even have a boyfriend). I thought I was going to find everything I envisioned and that would be that.

I thought my R.A. ideas rabbit hole was as far as I could go, but nothing could prepare me for my obsession with wedding ideas…

I started finding things I liked, then things I didn’t like, and then there were the things that I kind of liked, and so I created a maybe board. Then there were the boards separated by wedding theme. There was “Elegant Wedding”, “Shabby-Chic Wedding”, “Country Wedding”, “Redneck Wedding”, “Indoor Wedding”, “Out-door/Tent Wedding”, the list truly goes on.

It quickly dawned on me that I had just became my worst nightmare. So many ideas and no direction on where to go. Even if I found a direction, I knew I was going to be that bride that would start planning and expect her Pinterest board to come true.

Well that is what we want to help with! We may not have EXACTLY what you are looking for, but we will do our best to help you get as close as we can. That is what we hope to do with our Pinterest boards. We want to help inspire you, and help to make your Pinterest wedding (or other special event) come as close to true as possible!