Frequently Asked Questions

What size of tent do I need?
Please refer to our Tent Sizing Chart for starters. The chart categorizes different seating needs, such as ceremony, standing cocktail only, or guest seating at both round and buffet tables. Our event consultants can further aid you in choosing a size with the additional space requirements you will need based on your individual needs (such as dance floor, buffet, special arrangements).

How large of a tent can I install on my own?
We have 10×10, 10×20, 20×20, 20×30, and 20×40 canopies available for pickup and do-it-yourself setup. See our Catalog for all available tents & canopies. And check out our Tents & Canopies section to learn more about what we offer.

  • If you are setting up a pole tent on your own, be sure to have the area located for underground lines. It is best you call and schedule this 5 days prior to setup (minimum of 48 hours), as line locators can be extremely busy. The Billings line locator number is 1-800-424-5555. This will help to ensure your safety when staking into the ground.

If I want your company to setup for me, what requirements do you have for me before and after setup?
We require an additional 10′ around the perimeter of the tent for guy lines and staking.

  • Underground utilities need to be located and marked by professionals prior to setup. If Party Time is scheduled to set up any tents, we are responsible for calling in underground utility locates. These professionals will be at the set up location approximately 1 week prior to event to mark any lines in the area. 
  • The area also need to be free from overhead obstructions, such as power and cable lines, trees, and outdoor lighting.
  • The setup surface is important to us. We can setup on grass, gravel, asphalt (asphalt plugging is available), and concrete, however, there are many factors in choosing what will work best for you. For example: If you are setting on grass, the area must be dry and not watered for 3 days prior to setup. Also, we do not setup tent structures on fresh sod. Only certain frame tents are available to set on concrete. Please share your situation with us so we can choose the best solution for you.
  • Winter set charges may apply. Including snow/ice removal for proper setup conditions for tents. 
  • We do require security to be provided on tents up overnight.
  • Round-trip local delivery fee ranges from $100-150. Out of town delivery is also available and cost varies by size of order. Minimum per mile charge (need to call for pricing). Require a 25% non-refundable deposit.
  • Most tent installations require us to be able to drive right up to the setup site. There is a tremendous amount of equipment involved in setting up many events, not to mention the weight of the equipment. If there is not direct access for our setup crew, we need to be informed prior to delivery so additional arrangements can be made.

What do I need to do to reserve items?
You can call (406-655-8999), email us through our Contact form, or stop in and see us (3138 Gabel Road, Billings, MT 59102). We do require a 25% deposit at time of order to hold items for you, with balance due prior to delivery or pickup.

What happens if I damage or lose items?
Party Time Plus offers a damage waiver on most orders, which covers accidental damage to items while in your possession. It does not cover missing, broken, burned, or maliciously damaged items.

What condition do you expect the rental items to be returned in?

  • Linen must be shaken free of refuse, dry, and bagged.
  • China, flatware, and glassware must be rinsed, food free, and placed back in original containers provided by Party Time Plus.
  • If we are picking up, all items need to be taken down, folded/stacked, and in a single location for our pickup convenience.

Can you offer some help in planning our event, and can you decorate too?
Our event consultants are more than capable doing both. We offer a variety of packages based on event and customer needs. Call us for more specific details at (406)-655-8999.

Do you still have questions?
Find your answers in our About Renting page or Contact Us directly.