I’m On A Budget, But I Need Help…

4 of the Best Options for Pulling off Your Dream Wedding.

Not everyone needs a wedding planner or day – of coordinator, and not everyone can manage without one. One thing we can all agree on, is that your wedding day is meant to be fun and enjoyable for you and your family, and all about the Bride & Groom. Not about all the little details, or the random problems that always seem to arise. While some people manage this well, others can be thrown into emotional chaos at the smallest problem.

Regardless of what type of personality you are, it is good to know what services are available to you, so that you can make the most out of your special day.

If you are someone who just wants to show up and enjoy the engagement and have someone else focus on the fine details, than you should consider a full service event planner. With an event planner, you will still have control over the big picture and vendors you want to use, and amount of money you want to spend, you just don’t have to be the one to make all of the phone calls and hold all the vendors accountable for task execution. Many event planners will also coordinate clean up so you and your family can just leave when you are ready for the night to end.

Now I know a lot of you are thinking “why would I want someone else to plan my day”? Well, the truth is that you have the final say so, and everything the planner does is based off of your decisions, so really you are planning it, and making someone else do all the bookings and phone calls and organizing. This is a great option if you are a really busy individual or feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to organize all of these things.

If you are anywhere close to the control freak that I am, and can’t imagine someone else being responsible for the details, don’t worry, there are other options!

Day-of Coordinating is a good option for a bride who wants to do all of the planning, and would like help for day of execution. Whether you don’t have a lot of family available to help, or you just want them to relax and enjoy the day, this would be the service for you. Day-of services are generally cheaper than full service, and provide the same level of help on the big day. These services, while sometimes a little pricey, can add so much value to your day by alleviating your stress!

Sometimes it’s not always the stress of the planning, but the stress of “how am i gonna get all this set up that day”?

Decorating can be difficult if you aren’t crafty, or lack the time to plan and execute all the cute DIY things you found on Pinterest. Regardless of your creativity level, there is a lot of time and labor that goes into setting up your event and your decor.

Hiring a decorator not only allows for more time to spend on planning other things, and they will help you come up with the design for your event. If you aren’t sure what to do for décor, but you know how you want it to feel, or what theme you want to incorporate, event decorators will help develop a design concept for their decorating guidelines. While they can be expensive, they put in a lot of time and labor to the design and installation of all the décor, as well as helping take it down. And let’s just say labor isn’t cheap.

While having a big family can make holidays challenging or crowded, it comes in handy when you are trying to organize your big day! If you have a big family, and/or a lot of friends, who are all interested in helping out on your big day, make use of them!

They are the cheapest way to have invested help. They love you, and want your day to be perfect, and they are just happy to help.

This option is also a great one for those of you who have a lot of people who want to be involved, and a limited number of bridal party spots.

Not everyone wants 12 bridesmaids. And not everyone has a groom that can also find 12 groomsmen, so if you feel like you have too many people you want to include, and not enough “spots”, designate a few of your friends or family to be your day-of helpers or your wedding management team. They can buy a dress of similar color to your bridal party, and be a part of photos and the events of the big day, and use their skills to make your day more enjoyable.

Whether we like to admit it or not we all need a little help with something now and then, and our friends and family are more than happy to help on an occasion like this! 

Also consider a planner with a fun or pretty design to help keep you motivated to stay organized! 

<3 Morgan @ PTP