Odds are Even Better!

The phrase plaguing the younger generations, actually has some truth to it.

When you are decorating for an event, arrangement of centerpieces and décor can be difficult when there is an even number of something.

Heck, even putting together a balloon bouquet is more difficult with an even number of balloons.

But don’t just take my word for it, even interior decorators prefer odd numbers, especially 3.

This article from apartment therapy discusses how odd numbers, especially three, help to engage the eye with a focal point and then appeal to the symmetry around that point. https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/why-are-odd-numbers-so-visually-appealing-224230

Whether the pieces are all the same, or there is some differences in the sizes/proportions or details, odd number bring a little balance to a centerpiece or table top.

Try using the “Odd Rule” for your next event. Be it a holiday centerpiece on a dining room table, centerpieces for each table at your large event, or even just with small décor around your home. The “Odd Rule” will help your décor look intentional and less cluttered.