Tent Trends of 2018

Planning for next year?

Here is what is popular now,

& what you will continue to see

through 2019!

There are a lot of different options for event and wedding venues. In Montana, our wedding season takes place primarily between May and September. This allows for some beautiful weddings and great outdoor scenery. However, the weather in Montana is not always as predictable as we would like, so tents make a great option for providing shade and shelter while still keeping that outdoor feel.

Here at Party Time Plus, we have quite a few options available for tent rentals! From smaller tents for food, or small number of guests, to events for 1,500 people, we can help you figure out the perfect size for your needs.

Some of the different styles that we offer are:

  1. Canopy Style Pole Tents. These tents need to be staked into the ground, and have center poles throughout the tent to create a peaked look.
  2. Frame Tents. The majority of the frame tents we offer are in smaller sizes. However, these tents can be weighted down, allowing the tent to be set on concrete or in a parking lot with not drilling.
  3. Losberger Tents. These tents embody a frame like structure, which allows them to be set in colder weather. Since there are no tension lines to put stress on the vinyl top, this option is a great winter cover option.
  4. Clear Top Tents. These tents allow for cover, while offing minimal interruption for the beautiful scenery of the North West. We have two different types of clear top tents. One is a frame style tent, and the other is a clear top for our Losberger structure.


Once you have your tent, you can easily “dress it up” or personalize the interior décor. The most popular things we have seen here at Party Time, is patio or bistro lighting, and hanging greenery. Whether your event is in the spring, summer, or fall, greenery can help brighten any area, and create a fresh outdoor feel.

Whatever season, we want to help you celebrate the reason! Our goal is to help you make your event unique and beautiful. We love sharing our ideas and collaborating with all of our friends in the business community. Together we can help you create an event that is extraordinary.