Tents Not Just For Parties

Not having a party, but still need a semi-permanent structure? We’ve got you covered!

While parties are fun, sometimes business comes first. We have tents that can be used as “cold storage” for any number of reasons.

Our Losbergers make great storage spaces for any season. They require minimal maintenance and can sometimes be cheaper than renting warehouse space. Whether you need it for a week, or six months, we can help take care of it!

All you need to provide is the space to set it up, a back yard, a parking lot, or an open field anywhere you need it, we can set it!

Need to make some repairs to your shop space, but you need to clear it out in order to have the room necessary to work? We can help with that!

Or are you expanding your shop or garage, and need a covered place to park in the winter until it’s complete?

Does your underground pool need repair, but you don’t want to fix it until after its seasonal use? We can provide you with a structure to go over it to keep it insulated while work is being done!

Call us today (406.655.8999) to find out more about what we can offer to protect you from the harsh Montana elements.